My name is Adrienne Amann I was born in 1978 and grew up near Kassel where I live today. Every five years the world's largest exhibition of contemporary art takes place there, which inspired me a lot at an early age. I was very creative myself at a young age and was always supported by my family, as the creative one of five children, to try out and experiment.

With a qualification in art and as a trained graphic designer, I worked for a few years as a graphic designer in an advertising agency for which I am very grateful, as I was able to work with some well-known companies, but in the end I lacked the creative diversity and free design space. After some detours in not less interesting professions, but away from the creative path, I found my way back to my original path, as I realized that expressing myself creatively is part of my identity. This time with the freedom to decide what I do without rules and restrictions.

You can find my preference for minimalism, abstract art, strong contrasts and digital design in my work as well as my earlier experimentation with brushes, tassels, palette knives and rubber bands as painting tools.

The idea for the name Uptown Wall Art came about because I noticed that individual abstract art, preferably purchased expensively, can be found in equally expensive homes or lofts. I wanted to give this opportunity to anyone who has a desire for individual art.

I use only high quality papers for the prints to guarantee long lasting beauty as well as exclusivity and value. I would be happy to fill someone's gap on the wall with individual works that are an expression of their own uniqueness.