ADRIENNE AMANN was born in Germany in 1978 and became enthusiastic about the creative process and the psychology behind things early on in her life. She is particularly fond of experimenting with materials, colours and different techniques. She has a qualification in art as well as training as a graphic designer. Even today, she likes to combine both techniques in her work.

Her love of minimalist clarity and simplicity, which has become a kind of philosophy of life, is always evident in her artworks. It is about the harmony of power and tranquillity thanks to reduction and concentration on the essential. When the eye is not permanently distracted but finds points of rest, space for meditation and clear thoughts is created. Simplicity as an essential ingredient for mental health and balance in a strongly driven world.

For her abstract painting, she uses tassels, elastic materials and spatulas in addition to the classic brush to create distinctive patterns with these tools. It is precisely the partial unpredictability of these tools that appeals to her, as a reminder that despite all our experience and skill, in the end we have to let go and trust our intuition when creating.

She also devotes her attention to the beautiful femininity. Born autonomous and self-confident in their hearts, but still far too often heteronomous and attacked from the outside. She is about the message: "This is how we were created in imperfect perfection. We are allowed to be and live out who we are. No one has the right to judge."

She wants women everywhere to celebrate their own femininity, body and gifts with passion and have the courage to live their own originality. Equality means harmony as much as respect and appreciation.

In her series, it is important to Adrienne that they can stand on their own but also harmonise together. The techniques are different in character, but together, at eye level, they can form a harmonious group. She wants the viewer of her works to feel precisely this harmony and clarity and to establish a connection with the deep values.